Thursday, December 11, 2008

Slackware 12.2 and TinyMe 8.1 are out!

Now I'm really pumped. The distro that I cut my teeth on has a new release... That being Slackware of course! I'm downloading the dvd as I write this, and lemme tell you I'm excited. All my custom slackbuilds will have to be updated, and reinstalled, but that kind of controlled tweaking is my forte. This is a perfect opportunity to document my entire install process and to show prospective new slackers just how much power is under the hood.

That being said, I'm also excited about TinyMe 8.1 issuing a new release. It's a slimmed down PclinuxOS utilizing the lxde environment, and I saw just how lightweight lxde can be on my nieces arch linux installation. We'll see how it compares to my custom pclos install with openbox, pcmanfm, and fbpanel. The lxpanel is based on fbpanel, so I'm sure some tweaking can be done with this as well.

I'm going to install Slack on a spare 20 gig ide hard drive, compile all my programs and then use that hard drive on the legacy pentium 233 system that I'm looking to build. Should be fun.

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