Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Openbox on Pclos part 1

Well, I decided to play around a bit with pclinuxos and tweak it to my liking.
I installed openbox, with obconf, fbpanel, pcmanfm, conky, and a little app known as volwheel that acts as a mixer with a panel icon. I also installed menumaker to update the openbox menu, and feh to handle the wallpaper.

I tweaked fbpanel as for some reason, the included firefox svg file didn't show correctly. I downloaded a set of icons, and installed one that was to my liking in the /usr/share/fbpanel/images/mozilla-firefox.svg location. Right were the fbmenu default file looks for it. I also pointed the terminal icon to gnome terminal, the file manager to pcmanfm, and the editor to geany. The default star icon was ok, but I found one more to my liking, placed it in the images folder mentioned above and pointed the fbpanel default file to it instead.

Volwheel is a great little program that adds an applet to your panel dock and it works as a front-end to alsamixer so you can easily change your volume with a few clicks. The homepage is here. http://oliwer.net/b/volwheel.html

For some reason, the included icons weren't being called upon, which I found kind of odd as they were included in the download and there were no instructions for placement. Luckily, the coder is a fellow Archer (arch linux user) and he had a pkgbuild in the aur. After perusing the build I found the icons were supposed to be placed in a folder called /usr/share/volwheel. So I created the folder, and placed the icons folder within it. I then restarted openbox and voila! volwheel had a nice little icon and was ready to go!

All in all, it doesn't run too badly. Some of the apps are outdated, like mplayer and smplayer, and I'll probably rebuild them right quick, but the box seems pretty stable since I cut the cruft off of the bloated minime install.

Once I get all the programs finalized, I'll post the results.

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