Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The more things change...

I noticed that the more things change for me in computing... the more they stay the same. I've changed distros many times, and yet they all tend to end up looking and functioning the same... which is one of the strength of open source, and the main reason I still haven't moved back to distros that I tend to like better.

I've been running an ubuntu system for a while now, though at a casual glance, most ubuntu users wouldn't tend to recognize the layout of my system. Even though I have a decent system hardware-wise, I'm a big fan of non-bloated software. Couple that with no fear of text based configuration files, and I've said bye bye to gnome, kde and xfce. What I'm left with is a highly configurable window manager in openbox.. a great panel in fbpanel... and of course conky for those little bells and whistles that tell you how your system is performing.

The funny thing is that I'm more comfortable in Arch or Slack, as these use text based configuration files out of the box... But as I've found, the distro doesn't really matter in the long run... It's all linux, and it's all easily customizable. I'm finding myself simply too lazy to install Arch or Slack, since this Buntu install is still chugging along nicely. At some point I may return to my roots... but for now I'll simply enjoy my fully functioning and customized OS.

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