Friday, February 27, 2009

icewm in pclos

I've been testing out the features of pclinuxos with the "big update" and I've been thinking about an icewm remaster. It's exceptionally lightweight and I've ironed out a few bugs, such as setting the dpi correctly for my monitor and customizing the panel a bit. Here's a pic of it so far.


H said...

Please do, would love to try, currently running PC Linux with LXDE on my laptop.

mi keslr said...

Hi muaythaimaster:
Just ran across your post. I'd be interested in learning about the bugs you quashed. Mostly I run Puppy Linux, but recently while traveling I had the foresight to also install PCLinuxos Lxde on my Thinkpad R51. When Puppy wasn't able to access the web, PClinuxos was. So I've begun spending some time with it. I especially like synaptic. But I miss icewm, with its ability to create a taskbar toolbar just containing my most used apps. Consequently, I'd be interested in knowing what problems you ran into and how you solved them.
Mike Kessler